A favorite destination for VIPs in Versilia, Forte dei Marmi is an exclusive destination, very famous for the large sandy beach and the long shopping streets.

In the main city streets there are in fact numerous fashion boutiques of international fashion designers well known. Shopping is the favorite activity of the tourists Forte dei Marmi and the opportunities are not lacking throughout the year. Periodically also it plays a beautiful open-air market where you can buy designer clothes at outlet prices.

In the historic center stands the Forte Lorense, or the fortress from which the country is named. Built in ‘700, during the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, in the fortress were stored blocks of marble from the nearby Apuan Alps witing for their shipment by sea. It was a gated and secure outpost that over time attracted the local population towards the coast, creating the vibrant town we know today.
The proximity to the Alps makes Forte dei Marmi an ideal base for mountain biking and hiking.