Ancient roman town, Lucca is one of the few cities in Europe to be still completely surrounded by walls.
It is a ring of well 3 km thick medieval walls with eight guard bastions today transformed into public parks. A walk on the walls of Lucca you can admire the historic center of the city from a unique and fascinating perspective.

In the landscape stand out in particular the numerous towers of churches and palaces, such as the Guinigi Tower and the Bell Tower of San Martino, very impressive.
Lucca boasts an artistic, architectural and cultural heritage of incredible value that jealously guards for centuries. It was the only tuscan city to maintain its independence from Florence almost until Unification of Italy.

This testifies to the great care that has always reserved to its right properties. Just think also to the ancient roman amphitheater of elliptical shape still preserved in the old town, although now turned to square.