BADOLO – distance 12 km

The locality of Badolo is characterized by the succession of rocky walls that form an evocative stretch of the “Pliocene Buttress” which crosses the territory. The area, known as the “Pliocene Buttress”, is a naturalistic protection area and has been proposed as a “geological nature reserve”. The remarkable richness of shapes and landscape can be attributed to layered sandstones and clays containing numerous marine fossils, to the shaping of the rock by the wind and to the ravines of the walls that offer shelter to rare birds of prey. Its slopes are crossed by the “Strada degli Dei” of probable medieval origin.

Not to be missed is the Rocca di Badolo, currently used as a rock gymnasium, where a storage of axes from the Bronze Age was found;

Monte Adone which with its 655 meters of altitude is the highest peak in the municipality.

On the spur of Ziano, in Battedizzo, near Badolo, the underground aqueduct from the Roman era has been identified, which conveys the waters of the Setta towards Bologna