ROCCHETTA MATTEI – distance: 30 km

The Rocchetta Mattei Grizzana Morandi in the Reno Valley, on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, is a fairy tale castle unique of its kind for the combination of different styles and the labyrinth of interconnected rooms, courtyards, passages, stairways, arches, painted vaults and towers . His architecture is closely connected with the fascinating history of Count Cesare Mattei who chose this place with the specific intent of making his fortress the cradle of the practice that takes the name of electro homeopathy. The structure of the castle among the most particular Castles Emilia Romagna was modified several times by Count Mattei during his life, making it a labyrinth of towers, monumental stairways, reception rooms, private rooms that recall different styles, from the Neo-medieval to the Moorish to the Liberty .