Mugello distance: 40 km

A pearl set in a region rich in history, art and culture. This is how the Mugello area can be defined happily immersed in the sweet design of the Tuscan hills. The area straddles the Apennine waterways and has incredibly diverse environments and landscape aspects ranging from the rugged beauty of the highest areas to the hundred villages of the Sieve valley. A varied territory, largely uncontaminated, rich in history, culture and artistic testimonies. In addition to the beauty of the landscapes, there are at least 100 villages to visit. However, in Mugello there is also a space for leisure, such as the “Barberino Designer Outlet”, an enchanting shopping citadel where you can shop in complete relaxation, immersed in the Tuscan landscape of the Sieve Valley. Or for those in search of adrenaline, not to be missed is the very famous racetrack, where it is possible to see top-level races, such as the final of the Formula 1 world championships, or get on the track and experience the thrills of driving a Supercar.