Pisa is one of the most famous Italian art cities abroad, a symbol of the country in the world.
Of ancient Etruscan origins and with a glorious past as a Maritime Republic, the city owes much of its success to the complex of buildings gathered in Piazza dei Miracoli.

Here you will find: the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the monumental cemetery, the baptistery and famous Leaning Tower which is the bell tower of the cathedral. The tower leaned about 10 years after it was built after a land subsidence.
All buildings of the square are really big, a real “miracle” since they were all built between the eleventh and twelfth century. In its entirety the complex is really impressive: completely in white and colored marble on a perfect english lawn.

A short walk from the leaning tower, you can also visit Piazza dei Cavalieri, where are located the Palace of the Caravan and the Clock Tower. Two historic buildings of the city not to be missed.